College Mentorship

The school’s College Advisors will work with each student individually to develop a four-year learning plan that culminates in college acceptance. In order to prevent application errors and to find the best-fit colleges, universities and career programs, our counselors will work with parents and students. College advisors will mentor the students through the matriculation of high school through the following mechanisms: four year plans, college visits and trips, parental involvement, research, culmination senior projects and a simple belief that college is attainable through academic success.

College Tracking

All students will be tracked through high school until its completion and matriculation to college.  College advisors will track: scholarship eligibility, scholarship applications, UC requirements, Personal Statements, and programs that develop student career interest and provide credential and certifications in those fields as current high school students.

Portfolio Module with Learning Targets

Students will be required to develop portfolios which evidence their progress towards college readiness that is inclusive of individualized learning targets that have been collaboratively and purposefully designed. Student portfolios will include: Work samples, culminating projects, earned certificates and credentials, and academic accomplishments.