Kūlia's M1 Advanced Courses Program

Kūlia’s M1 Accelerated mathematics courses are designed for mathematically talented students and lead to AP and college courses in high school. These courses are enhanced by highly complex tasks. Students suited for the accelerated progression are deep thinkers and are able to conceptually understand and apply concepts in mathematics. Students in the accelerated progression are required to master multiple grade level’s mathematics standards during the span of the school year. To prevent gaps in instruction while providing meaningful opportunities for acceleration and differentiation, students are required to complete ample exercises in each topic.

Students participating in our M1 Accelerated and Advanced Pathway are provided with the opportunity to master the curriculum at a much deeper level, and at a faster pace, through the use of differentiated instructional resources to support their learning. This pathway is designed to support the mathematical abilities of our most talented and motivated students.

Our M1 Accelerated math and science courses include above-level course work. The specific difference is in the selection of content. The additional curriculum consists of select standards from the appropriate higher grade levels that allow for an extension of ideas in each unit. Students develop and build their mathematical skill set that allows them to succeed in advanced high school coursework such as AP and college courses. These courses allow students to be on a track of coursework that research has shown will better prepare them for postsecondary education opportunities and entering the workforce. 

In our M1 Program a student might take Algebra I or II in 6th grade, depending on their math proficiency.

More Options Down the Road

By taking accelerated math courses in middle school, your child is set up to have more options in high school and beyond. It is important that students discuss their options with both their family and school counselor. Taking advantage of Kūlia’s M1 Accelerated and Advanced Math Pathway could help your child enter college with math/science/CS credits earned and expedite their path to success in college.

Math Competitions

Math competition success, such as in MathCounts and AMC competitions, is recognized by prestigious colleges. We are planning to prepare our students for these competitions.