KūLIA academy

Prepare your children

for the top-paying jobs of the future.

A new tuition-free charter MIddle school
scheduled to open with 100 6th graders in august 2024

pioneering ai education in hawaii and in the U.S.

what our school offers

DAta science and aI - project-based Learning - free college prep

Get the latest education to compete with global talent to get the best Hi-Tech jobs. Our 6-year Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Program is the first in Hawaii and in the nation.

Learn by doing! Students spend 80% of their time conducting experiments and investigations in our science classes.

Get individualized college planning and preparation at Kūlia Academy. At Kūlia Academy, our counselors provide ongoing and individualized support to our students to successfully graduate from college.

prepare your children to

lead the future!

artificial intelligence

AI will dominate every field in the next 20 years. Artificial intelligence will make changes to the workforce sooner than you think.*

Will your children be ready? Will they be able to secure these high-paying jobs?

DATA Science

Data Science is viewed as the career of the future. Companies and governments will depend on data science and data scientists to make decisions.

Are your children acquiring these skills?

Would you like your children to compete with top talent globally and get these prestigious jobs?

Enroll your child(ren) in the first middle and high school in the U.S. providing a 6-year comprehensive data science and artificial intelligence education!

Don’t Miss It! Apply Today

If you have children in grade 4 or 5, you can go ahead and apply. Have your children prepare for the jobs of the future before even going to college! Have them master Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in middle and high school. 

We are planning to start with 100 6th grades in 2024. At full capacity, Kūlia Academy plans to serve grades 6-12.

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